About my blog!

I created this Blog for many different reasons.  I know I have influenced many people in so many different ways.

This blog will contain tips, rants, raves and ramblings of the following topics: Saving Money, Raising Children, DIY, Home Decor, Crafts, Beauty, Makeup, Style, Product Testing & Reviews, Essential Oils, Thrift Store Finds, Frugal Living, Earning from Home, eBay Selling, Stay at home Mom Sanity, Adult ADHD, Chronic Tic Disorder, Fitness, Weight Loss, PTA Involvement, Community Service, and much more!

I will try to organize my thoughts carefully in this blog.  I tend to be “All Over The Map”  I also have a dry sense of humor and try to take what life gives me…the good and the bad, and LEARN something from it all!

Join in and read/follow me!



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